"TheBestAbout" story

The concept of "The Best About " web sites is to provide local information, at a local level and cover the whole of the country totally free (to non commercial organisations). Imagine local community association, clubs, groups, residents associations, youth groups, church hall, notice boards all in one place, how much easier will it be to find out whats on and where, and with the bonus of access to every area in the UK.

The reason we started these web sites was, that although there is lots of information available on the Internet, it can be hard to find and the smaller local community things had no web presence at all. Small neighbourhood organisations have no money to advertise their existence and so can be difficult to locate.
We now have a way for them to be found easily, any local non profit organisation can be included on our web sites free of charge.
If you live in one area your local site will give you your local information, if you are moving or visiting another area you will be able to get local information for there as well.

To cover the costs of the sites we offer businesses the opportunity to advertise at very competitive rates, and also as page area is not as restrictive as "paper" much more information about companies and services provided can be included.

To get your group or associations included use the on-line form on the group & associations page

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